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How to Choose the Right Order Management System for Your Electronics Ecommerce Business

By Blog, Fulfillment

Want to know the secret weapon to maximize your business growth?

It’s the right order management system.

The global e-commerce market for consumer electronics is growing rapidly as consumers shift their shopping habits online. This shift is being driven by a range of factors, with one significant influence being the pandemic, which meant many more consumers started to shop online. Another is the rise in augmented reality (AR) technology which gives consumers the ability to ‘see’ products before purchasing them.

In 2020, the consumer electronics e-commerce market stood at $23 billion. By 2021, this increased significantly to $343.34 billion. By 2025—the market is expected to be worth $511.06 billion.

Now is a great time to have an electronics e-commerce business—but to effectively tap into this growing market, it’s essential to have the right systems and software in place. In this article, we’ll explore how transitioning to a new approach can help supercharge your e-commerce electronics store to help you grow your business as efficiently as possible.

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Newegg and Shipstation Improving Your Returns Process

Why a Good Returns Process Matters

By Blog, Fulfillment, Guest Author
Returns are a costly and time-consuming part of a successful e-commerce business. And while no one — buyer or seller — wants to deal with them, an effective policy and returns process strategy can strengthen the bond between you and your customers, thus creating repeat business and loyalists. In this blog, Newegg partners with ShipStation to uncover valuable insights and surprises into just what consumers think about returns. Read More

How Changing Customer Expectations Impact Your Holiday Shipping

By Blog, Fulfillment, Guest Author, Holiday

Each year, more customers pivot from brick and mortar stores to online shopping. As this overall volume increases, it’s only logical that holiday sales would also trend upwards. In fact, 2018 Black Friday brought in $6.2 billion in online sales, a growth of 23.6% year over year. Naturally, with increased online holiday shopping there is an increase in holiday shipping. And while there are more opportunities to attract more customers, this also makes for that much more competition. Understanding changing consumer demand is what makes you stand out among the competition and is your best shot at winning more sales and gaining repeat customers once the holiday season ends.

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