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Item Creation


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Features Supported

  • Item Creation
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing

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About ecomdash

Finally, a new affordable way to manage your multichannel listings, product quantities, and orders, no matter the number of places you sell on! With automated inventory syncing and order routing capabilities, you can set the rules so ecomdash can take all the monotonous data entry tasks off your hands. 

In one platform, you can list hundreds of products to all your favorite marketplaces, set rules to route new sales orders to specific fulfillment centers, print your own shipping labels, and reorder more stock when running low. They’ll even send you alerts when a product quantity is running low. Make smarter restock decisions with their 30/60/90 day forecasting report and price your products more strategically with cost tracking. With so many features, you’ll spend more time growing your business than managing it.

Newegg + ecomdash

With ecomdash, easily manage your Newegg product listings and customer orders, along with all other sales platforms, from one platform. 

Listing & Inventory Management 

Tie in to existing Newegg Item Numbers and your products will be listed quickly and efficiently. All listings will be monitored 24/7. Once a sale is made, ecomdash will automatically recalculate the new product quantity and sync the balance to Newegg, in near real-time.


Order Management

From dropshipping to merchant-fulfilled and everything in between, manage your Newegg shipping operations effortlessly:

  • Fulfill orders yourself? Connect to your favorite shipping carriers and print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels. You can even use the mobile app for shipping verification tasks.
  • Outsource? Use the open API or flexible FTP/SFTP feed management solution to connect to your tried-and-true 3PLs and suppliers. Send Newegg orders for fulfillment and ecomdash will update Newegg with the order status and tracking information.