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Maximize your sales with Campaigns, plus Recommendations tools, right in your Newegg Seller Portal

As you’ve experienced, the Newegg Marketplace is a robust place to find the best deals in PC hardware, consumer electronics, gaming peripherals, home appliances, automotive and lifestyle technology. Because of this, price is a key driver of sales on the site (along with other must-haves such as availability and seller ratings).  

To help you win at the price game and maximize sales with your Newegg Marketplace store, we offer four types of campaigns, or sales promotions, right in the Campaigns tab of your Seller Portal. They’re super easy to participate in and are a perfect way to increase your sales volume, marketplace exposure and seller rating.  

Campaigns aren’t the only way to elevate your game on Newegg Marketplace however. We’ve also added three new Recommendations to the Seller Portal: Match Competitive Price, Low Inventory, and Activate Popular Items. Designed to keep your store running like a well-oiled machine, they offer actionable recommendations you can take immediately to stay competitive in the marketplace. 

In this article we will tell you more about both, so let’s get started! 

The four Newegg Marketplace Campaign types 

There are four different Campaigns in the Seller Portal that you can use to promote your items on Newegg, some of which you may already be aware. They are: 

  • Leaderboard: the main promotions you see on the Newegg site, including most of the homepage banners, Leaderboard campaigns tend to be timely, topical, and heavily-shopped, due to their high visibility. And they’re always changing, so keep an eye on upcoming Leaderboard campaigns – there’s sure to be something that fits your inventory just around the corner!  
  • Shell Shocker: These are “Today’s Best Deals” found in the Top Navigation. Shell Shocker deals are limited time, deeply discounted sales. As such, they often have seller criteria associated, such as A+ rating and lowest advertised price.  
  • Deal Drops: These are weekly sales at a deep discount. What’s more, top sellers on Newegg Marketplace can qualify for commission discounts, meaning that while you’re offering deeper-than-usual discounts, you could theoretically sell a higher volume and earn more per unit! What better incentive to sell (and achieve top seller status) is there than that?   
  • Group Buy: As you may know. these are our flash sales with a cooperative twist. If enough potential buyers purchase the item within the short time frame, it unlocks a group buy sale price, often up to 70% off or more. Prominent placement on the homepage, plus the group rush to buy and impulse reaction, is a great way to increase your presence on Newegg. 

In the Campaign: 

  • After clicking Register, you should now be within the individual campaign page where you are able to view pertinent details, including a brief Introduction, Campaign Duration (down to the start and end time and dates), any Shop or Product Criteria you must meet to participate, and most importantly, a top ribbon showing you the deadlines to submit products.  
  • If the campaign looks like a good fit for your sales goals, click on “Register” to begin adding items. 

How to submit products to a Campaign 

Submitting your products for inclusion in a Newegg campaign is a relatively intuitive process, so you should be up and running in no time. To get started, go the Campaigns view in your Seller Portal: 

In the Campaigns view: 

  • You can navigate across the campaign tabs to find the one that’s right for you. Choose from our four campaign types: Leaderboard, Shell Shocker, Deal Drops, and Group Buy. 
  • From this view, you can also filter for: current (which includes current and upcoming promotions); previous (which includes promotions you had taken part of – valuable if you’d like to review past actions and modify or replicate them for an upcoming sale); and all.  
  • To see campaign criteria and submit items, click Register.

In the Add Items pop-up: 

  • Submitting items to a campaign is relatively simple from here. To find items within your inventory, you can filter by Industry or Brand, or search by Part number. 
  • To add an item to the campaign, simply check the box to the left of the item and click the Add button when done. 

Once items are added, they will be screened by our merchandising team to ensure they meet all the criteria. If your items are approved for the campaign, you will be notified through the portal or email.  

 Active participation in campaigns is a great way to drive more sales and increase your exposure to customers, but it’s not the only thing you can do. 

Five new Recommendations offer valuable insight into your customers and competitors 

The Recommendations feature within the Seller Portal is a powerful way to gain insight on your inventory. In addition to SEM (search engine marketing) tools, Sponsored Product Ads, and Product Discount recommendations, we now offer three valuable ways to increase performance. 

Match Competitive Price 

Our competitive price match recommendations give you an at-a-glance view of how your pricing + shipping stacks up against the competition. This quick tool lets you make real-time updates to pricing, not only keeping your store competitive, but giving you a chance to win the “buy box.” Our internal metrics show that owners of the buy box can see on average higher sales than their competition on the same product.   

Low Inventory Recommendations 

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the simple things, and low inventory is no exception. That’s why we’ve built in new alerts for low inventory on individual items, Based on the sales trend from the prior 28 days, Newegg provides a suggested restock amount to encourage you to replenish your inventory to maximize sales opportunities. Because while there’s no guarantee you’ll sell every item you list, the ones that remain unlisted from lack of inventory are 100% certain to not sell! 

Activate Popular Items 

One of our favorite updates to the Seller Portal is the new popular items recommendation. This predictive recommendation serves you popular selling items on Newegg that are similar to what you’re currently stocking, along with current best pricing. If you have the item too, you may wish to activate it and sell it too. This is a great way to leverage popularity of items, but it’s also a great merchandising insight tool. Seeing which items are currently popular items can inform your own future inventory choices as well.  

Search Engine Marketing 

Newegg makes it easy to generate Search Engine Marketing results on search engines. Criteria such as high traffic (page views), high conversion rate percentage and high GMV, the Seller Portal will dynamically suggest trending and hot items to sellers to encourage SEM. 

Sponsored Product Ads 

Like SEM, Newegg recommends products for Sponsored Product Ads on These highlight key products for Newegg shoppers to consider for purchase during their browsing. 

 The Seller Portal is designed to help you meet your customers’ needs 

Taken together, Campaigns and our new Recommendations are great tools to help you better understand both your competitors and your customers, enabling you to offer prices that customers can’t help but love. So log in and look around! Activity on both fronts will pay dividends today and down the line.