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There are many different ways to sell to consumers online. You could build your own e-commerce website, but do you have the time and skills to generate enough traffic when what you really want to do is sell products? You could reach customers via social media instead, but you’ll still have to build a following. Plus, you’ll have to talk to trolls and, on some platforms, answer to overzealous moderators.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to do business online. When you use an established marketplace for direct to consumer (DTC) selling, you’ll get these seven benefits.

  1. Marketing services that do more than push product.
  2. Brand-building that increases exposure and inspires confidence.
  3. Logistics that eases operational pains and grows with you.
  4. Early adopters who are hungry for something now.
  5. Human support with a friendly helping hand.
  6. Increased revenue from more deals with less hassle.
  7. Global reach anytime and from literally anywhere.

Keep reading to discover what to look for in a DTC marketplace.

#1 Marketing services that do more than push product.

Marketing is all about the four Ps: Place, Price, Promotion, and Product. You know what you want to sell (the product) but that’s just 25% of the task at hand. Plus, it’s not the only percentage you need to know about either. After all, marketing isn’t just about messaging. It’s about analytics. When you get access to easy-to-use marketing tools and data-driven analytics, you can point, click, and succeed.

#2 Brand-building that increases exposure and inspires confidence.

Does your brand inspire confidence? If your online presence leaves potential buyers feeling uncertain, you can’t expect them to enter a credit card number. That’s why so many private sellers list products ranging from T-shirts to T-clamps on well-established marketplaces. Customers know the marketplace, which extends to the perception of your brand.

#3 Logistics that ease operational pain and grows with you.

The current supply chain crisis is so big you can see it from outer space. Satellite images literally show lines of container ships waiting to dock. You buy and store more to avoid stock-outs, but how big is your garage? Maybe you have a warehouse instead, but is there room to grow – and can you afford to expand? That’s why some sellers are now using warehouses and logistics services belonging to the marketplace they are using to sell.

#4 Connects your brand to niche shoppers

If you are selling pet products, you’d probably consider a marketplace like If you have vintage musical equipment, you’re looking at When it comes to computers, gadgets, and lifestyle technology, Newegg is where the early adopters are. Early adopters have a high degree of opinion leadership, which helps to amplify your message. Plus, early adopters are usually younger, better educated, and more likely to spend. This audience is diffuse, but this is how Newegg marketplace stands above larger competitors in ecommerce.

#5 Human support with a friendly helping hand.

Running your own business can be a lonely proposition. Yet, working for a larger company can leave you feeling like you’re on your own, too. Customer onboarding can be labor-intensive and answering questions about shipments or return policies doesn’t exactly build the bottom line. That’s why you need a helping hand. With the right marketplace, you can get it from a friendly human, too.

#6 Increased revenue from more deals with less hassle

Shoppers love a good deal and are more willing to spend their hard-earned money if you offer incentives for your products. Plus, studies have shown that online shoppers who use coupon codes spend significantly more than those who do not. Managing deals and discounts can be a hassle, however, which is why the right DTC marketplace lets you combine special programs so you can maximize revenue.

#7 Global reach anytime and from literally anywhere

Finally, it’s important to remember that your potential market isn’t limited to a time or a place. You can sell internationally (even while you’re asleep!) if you have the right team behind you. With the Newegg marketplace, you have the potential to reach over 27.3 million customers in 20 countries – and with all of the seven benefits you’ve just read about.