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Maximizing Enterprise Seller Benefits & the Post Purchase Email

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Sellers on Newegg’s Marketplace have access to loads of tools at their disposal to drive traffic and convert sales. Enterprise sellers know this well, but there is a key program that many sellers aren’t aware of: the Post Purchase Email.

The Post Purchase Email program is a way for sellers to take control of some of the marketing communications with their customers on Newegg, driving engagement and traffic to their seller store to build a stronger relationship with customers, resulting in repeat purchases.

Join Newegg Marketplace as we host a webinar discussion detailing the benefits of the Enterprise level seller program, with a focus on the ins and outs of the Post Purchase Email program, your voice on Newegg. 

Take action to bring your selling to the next level.

Post Purchase Emails: Connecting You to Marketplace Customers

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Now more than ever, connecting with customers in an honest and clear manner is paramount to retaining them as loyal shoppers. Winning a spot in their inbox is a privilege, and sending only the most impactful messages will ensure a lasting relationship that is beneficial to both sides. In this article, we cover the Newegg Post Purchase Email program that gives sellers the ability to communicate directly with their Newegg customers, and stand out above the crowd.

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5 Tips for On-page SEO Greatness

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing buzzword of the decade (only rivaled by the explosive growth of content marketing). The reason for the popularity is simple- our reliance on search engines for information has created a demand for pages to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). Due to the flood of content available on the internet today, there is an excess of information and a shortage of customer attention. As a result, you not only need to rank on the SERPs; you need to rank high.

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Emerging Tech: 3 Markets Shaping the Future of E-Commerce

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Automated thermostats, technology embedded in your clothing and virtual reality: Are these fictions from an alternate universe or the future of consumer electronics?

As a tech marketplace, Newegg has a vested interest in the latest technological innovations. We are finely in tune with what trends are becoming prime market opportunities for our customers and sellers alike.

In this post, we look at the emerging tech that may alter the course of e-commerce — and history — as we know it.

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