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Registering on Newegg Marketplace is quick and painless. Follow this guide from start to finish and you’ll get your account up, running, and ready to sell to 37M+ tech-savvy customers in no time.

Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you have all this necessary information on hand:

  • Business address and contact information
  • Business website and/or other marketplaces website
  • Basic business information (Annual sales, number of employees, # of SKU’s, etc.)
  • Business type (Note: We are not accepting sole proprietorship at this moment)
  • Business Tax ID/EIN
  • A signed and dated W-8/W-9 form within 12 months
  • Business license (If you are an international seller)
  • Business bank account information
  • A valid and chargeable credit card

Now that you have everything ready to go, it’s time to start your Newegg seller application!

  1. First, visit

The first step in the registration process on Newegg Marketplace.

You will be prompted to create an email address and password for your account setup.

  1. Next, select your seller region (country) and be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Your website URL
  • Seller business model (retailer/reseller, manufacturer, distributor)
  • Annual sales (range)
  • Number of employees (range)
  • Years in business (range)
  • Countries you are interested in selling into
  • Primary and secondary merchandise categories
  • Number of SKUs for sale (range)
  • Percentage of inventory stocked in your own warehouse
  • Whether or not you sell your own brand

The second step in the registration process on Newegg Marketplace.

  1. Input your seller store name – this is the store name that will be displayed to customers once your account is complete. For inquiries about changing your name after account setup, you will have to contact your category manager so choose your name carefully.

Next, you will need to disclose your legal business name, tax ID, type of business, and business address.

Newegg will also ask for the main contact name, email, and phone number.

Finally, attach your business’s most recent W-9 form at the bottom of the page. Your W-9 must be signed and dated within the previous year.

Click Submit. Your Newegg seller application will now be sent to the Newegg Account Management team for processing. This review may take up to two business days, and you will receive an email confirmation for your registration submission. A team member may reach out to you if there are any additional questions about your business or responses.

The third step in the registration process on Newegg Marketplace.

  1. Once your application is approved, it’s time to prepare for review from our Finance team.

To get this started, you will need to log in to your Seller Portal account and click on Manage Account > Account Settings.

The fourth step in the registration process on Newegg Marketplace.

To complete the business and financial information, you will need the following information on hand:

  • Business Information
    • Legal business name
    • Tax ID
    • Business type (entity)
    • Business address
    • Contact information
  • Financial Information
    • Bank account routing and account number (business account)
    • Bank name and address
    • Account holder name and address (Business account)
    • A valid credit card that can be charged in the United States

Once you have submitted all of the above required information, our Finance team will review your account (this may take up to three business days to complete).

  1. After your account is approved by our Finance team, you must complete your shipping and return settings, upload your store logo, and start listing your first SKUs.

To begin setting up your store’s shipping settings, navigate to Seller Portal > Manage Account > Shipping Settings.

First, decide whether you will be shipping your items yourself, or using SBN (Shipped by Newegg).

Next, click Add Fulfillment Center to start adding new warehouses

The fifth step in the registration process on Newegg Marketplace.

For more details on completing your shipping settings, please check out these useful articles on our Seller Academy:

Once your shipping settings are complete, it’s time to move on to your return policy information.

Navigate to Seller Portal > Manage Account > Shipping Settings > and click Next to get to the Return Policy and Info section.

As the seller, you can define the return service information (return address and contact person, return service phone number, allowable return period, and restocking fee) for enabled countries.

You can also input return policy details, which will be displayed on your store page. For more information on your return settings, click here.

  1. Now that your shipping and return settings are complete, it’s time to upload your store logo.

To upload your logo, go to Seller Portal > Manage Account > Account Settings > Seller Information

The seventh step in the registration process on Newegg Marketplace.

Click Select Files to find the seller logo image file in your local drive then, click Upload Files.

Note: The image dimensions must be 127×33 pixels and be in a non-animated .GIF format.


At last, it’s time to create items to prepare for the final account review and activation.

  1. To start listing items, you will need to go to Seller Portal > Manage Items > Item Creation where you can either Create a New Item or Find it on Newegg


For more information on creating items, please read these articles:


Congratulations, you’ve made it through the onboarding process to become a valued Newegg seller!

Now that you’ve completed all of the required steps – the only thing left to do is get your account activated. Your assigned category manager will be completing one last review of your account and will flip the switch after you created 5 or more items so you can start making sales!