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Red Stag Fulfillment reports that the average e-commerce conversion rate is less than 5%. It’s easy to become an online seller, but not everyone is a conversion superstar. At Newegg, we want you to succeed and provide you with the tools and tips to convert more shoppers into customers.

Here are five best practices to follow to improve your conversion rates.

  1. Write compelling product descriptions.
  2. Match your competitors’ prices – and show that you do.
  3. Earn strong overall feedback ratings.
  4. Maintain adequate stocking levels.
  5. Make returns hassle-free.

#1 Write compelling product descriptions.

Do your product listings provide compelling information to committed buyers, casual browsers, and comparison shoppers? Of course, each of these audiences has different needs and motivations, but all three groups are potential customers who need a reason, and maybe some inspiration, to buy from you.

A shopper ready to buy might see a listing from a competitor with some juicy product details. Can you compete? Browsers and researchers may abandon their shopping carts instead, explains ThinkShop by Bolt, especially if your value proposition is unclear at check-out time. So it’s time to up your game. 

#2 Match your competitors’ prices – and show that you do.

Everybody loves a bargain, and no one wants to find out later on that they paid too much for an item. Saying that you’ll match a competitor’s price helps, but will potential buyers notice your online guarantee? Then, how will you respond if it turns out that your product’s price isn’t the lowest?

At Newegg, items with the Price Match Guarantee display a special badge at the time of purchase. If shoppers find the same item at a lower price by Newegg or a major retailer within 14 calendar days, they can get a Newegg Customer Care Card to cover the difference. (Some exceptions apply.)

#3 Earn strong overall feedback ratings   

Shoppers who have purchased your products already count as conversions. So, how can previous sales improve your future conversion rate? If you keep your customers happy, and if your customers share that they’re satisfied, you can attract new buyers who look at your feedback and performance metrics.  

Your overall feedback rating at Newegg depends on you. Ship orders within three business days but optimize the customer experience by aiming for 1 or 2 business days instead. Avoid shipping out defective orders and respond to customer emails within one business day of receipt. You can do it, and we can help.

#4 Maintain adequate stocking levels

Some shoppers visit a product listing repeatedly before making a buying decision. Others give you only one chance to show them what you’ve got. Unfortunately, showing them that what they want is out-of-stock will cause them to look elsewhere – and they might not return.   

Newegg’s Seller Portal lets you set an alert quantity for Shipped by Newegg (SBN) items. You’ll receive a notification within 24 hours when the alert quantity is reached. You can then replenish your stock so that when a buyer comes looking, you’ll be ready to deliver.

#5 Make Returns Hassle Free

Tom Murphy, an e-commerce expert at Frankie AI, writes that “returns are an often overlooked tool in increasing conversion rates.” That’s because although shoppers don’t like fine print, they read returns policies – and look for guarantees.

Newegg’s 30-Day Hassle Returns badge shows potential buyers that if we sell it and ship it, they’re eligible for free returns within 30 days with no restocking fees and free return shipping. It’s another way that we help you convert potential buyers into satisfied customers as you become an e-commerce superstar.