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Multi-channel selling lets you expand your reach beyond e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Target. Whether you’ve been with Newegg Marketplace for a while or are just getting started, there are some things you need to know in order to maximize your sales with us.

What’s covered in this article?

This guide covers nine easy-to-implement strategies.

  1. Know the audience and what early adopters want
  2. List more relevant SKUs to sell more products
  3. Write more effective product descriptions
  4. Let Newegg help you price your products competitively
  5. Win the battle for the Buy Box
  6. Optimize your seller rating
  7. Leverage Newegg’s fulfillment program
  8. Maximize your visibility within Newegg
  9. Maximize your visibility beyond Newegg

Keep reading to learn more – and get ready to profit from your newfound knowledge.

#1 Know the audience and what early adopters want

Newegg is one of the best online marketplaces for tech. It’s also where tech-savvy do-it-yourselfers shop. Part of what makes our audience different is that it includes early adopters. They’re not like the Amazon shoppers who buy the same dog food and dish soap each month (and probably have these items on automatic re-order). Instead, Newegg visitors are on the hunt for new tech brands and trends.

Early adopters of tech products tend to be younger, better educated, and more likely to spend. They’re also eager to share their opinions and experiences with sellers like you, so welcome their feedback and learn from it. Remember, too, that while Newegg’s early adopters want products that will delight them, it isn’t a monolithic audience. Rather, Newegg Marketplace is diverse, diffuse, and global in nature.

#2 List more relevant SKUs to sell more products

Newegg groups products by category, or department, so that shoppers can browse related items and easily compare offerings. Core categories include computer systems and components, but Newegg Marketplace is also the place to find items like smart home and consumer electronics. Each product has a stocking unit (SKU) number, but only a select number of SKUs are the best sellers in their categories.

If you want to join this top-selling tier, check out the Newegg Best Sellers List. Then list more relevant SKUs of your own and follow the other best practices you’ll find in this guide. It’s worth optimizing all of your product listings, of course, but why not meet the market where there’s already red-hot demand? By listing more products that are like today’s bestsellers, you can reap the rewards sooner than later.

#3 Write more effective product descriptions

Product descriptions need to deliver substantive information about what you’re selling, but that’s not all. When you write a product description, keep your ideal buyer in mind. Maybe you’re appealing to “Early Adopter Ernie,” or maybe you’re aiming for “Gamer Gail” instead. Either way, focus on the benefits that come with buying your product instead of just listing its features.

The words you use matter. Avoid fillers and superlatives that convey little and waste valuable space. Craft compelling content, but remember to apply search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Google has an in-depth guide, but we’ve boiled it down to four ways to boost your marketplace listings. Write content from scratch, avoid duplicate listings, curate content from multiple sources, and use your own words.

#4 Let Newegg help you price your products competitively

Newegg merchandisers have a job to do. It’s to ensure that products like yours appear in our marketplace at the right time in the right place. Because our merchandisers are already working with buyers to forecast trends and plan stock levels, why not leverage the industry data that we’re collecting? It’s from our direct sales business and is available to you.

When you work with Newegg merchandisers, ask them to help you set up a competitive pricing strategy that you can implement using data-driven pricing tactics. Newegg can also set you up with targeted emails, dynamic marketing, seasonal campaigns, and live streams. The marketing services we provide to our valued partners are so robust that we’ll cover them in sections #8 and #9 below.

#5 Win the battle for the Buy Box

When a potential buyer is offered too many choices, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and avoid choosing anything. That’s why Newegg simplifies the buying experience by presenting only the best choices. The contents of the Buy Box, as this digital real estate is called, are determined algorithmically. Since an estimated 90% of purchases begin here, it’s worth understanding how this algorithm works.

To win the battle for the Buy Box, list only eligible items. Then optimize your product listings. You’ll also need to price your items competitively, provide great customer service, and watch your stock levels, too. Offer fast or free shipping – or, even better, both. Finally, monitor your seller performance by logging in regularly to your Seller Portal and checking for customer inquiries, inventory, and pricing status.

#6 Optimize your seller rating

Newegg reviews performance regularly and sends email warnings to sellers who haven’t met their performance metrics. Failing to meet these targets for two consecutive periods can result in a loss of selling privileges. Understanding your Seller Performance Report can keep you out of trouble, but it can also help you boost sales by optimizing your seller rating.

Aim for earning a Top Rated seller badge. It tells potential buyers you’re exceptional and increases your visibility within the Newegg Marketplace. For us to shine a spotlight on you, you’ll need to successfully close over 100 orders during the last 60 days. Top Rated sellers also have a low negative rating, a high percentage of on-time replies, and on-time deliveries for the items you ship and sell.  You can do it!

#7 Leverage Newegg’s fulfillment program

Since you’re interested in multi-channel selling, you’re probably open to multichannel fulfillment opportunities. You can still store and ship products yourself, but Shipped by Newegg (SBN) is a fulfillment program that can help you to increase sales in the Newegg Marketplace. If you try SBN today, you can receive incentives that include advertising credits, discounts on fulfillment fees, and more.

When you use SBN, buyers of your products also get the benefits of our fulfillment program. At our fulfillment centers, we’ll pick, pack and ship your Newegg orders. We can also process multichannel orders and handle returns and exchanges. Plus, you get access to our 24/7 customer service. SBN fulfillment produces positive customer feedback and builds brand loyalty, both of which can boost sales.

#8 Increase your visibility within Newegg

Newegg Sponsored Product Ads are also your ticket to driving more online sales. By paying to promote the placement of your products, you’ll enjoy higher rankings in Newegg search engine results pages (SERPs). Even more importantly, you can use keyword targeting and audience segmentation to turn searchers with high levels of purchasing intent into paying customers.

Other pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers charge you for the number of times your ads were seen, regardless of whether these impressions generated interactions. Newegg Sponsored Products Ads, on the other hand, are designed to promote conversions, the actions you want searchers to complete after they click your PPC ads. Yet, built-in cost controls keep your campaigns affordable and put you in the driver’s seat.

#9 Maximize your visibility beyond Newegg

Finally, Newegg’s marketing services make it easy to leverage both on-site and off-site solutions that can drive increased sales. For example, our Newegg Studios houses a video production crew that uses state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to create powerful digital content. From compelling commentary to hands-on demonstrations, we’ll tell the story of your products and your brand.

Newegg’s off-site solutions include Google Shopping Ads, affiliate marketing at popular deal sites like Rakuten, and social media campaigns that let you reach our online communities where literally millions of followers are looking for the latest products, tech, and deals. With our robust analytics, you’ll also get the data you need to continue to make decisions that drive sales.

What you’ve learned – and what to do now?

Now that you’re equipped with the information in the guide, it’s time to turn the nine strategies that you’ve learned about into increased sales. This is your big chance to reach and sustain more of the 40+ million customers who trust Newegg Marketplace for tech. Visit our Seller Academy to learn more, and contact us if you need more information.