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If you’re selling on Newegg, securing critical placements throughout the site is one of the best ways to stay top of mind with the consumer with the aim of driving conversion. You know that winning the buy box is typically the step preceding conversion, but do you really know just how crucial it is to win this placement?

Read on to learn the nuances of Newegg’s buy box and how winning this top notch placement positively impacts other parts of your marketplace business.

Avoid Giving Your Customers Choice Paralysis

Buy box choice paralysis

A well-known psychologist Berry Shwartz argued that having too many choices makes the individual less likely to take action—choice paralysis. Online marketplaces can foster this same sentiment in a consumer with the myriads of choices made available by the thousands of sellers hosted on their site. It’s a lose, lose situation. Newegg marketplace along with other marketplaces understand the need to simplify the buying experience by limiting the number of choices that appear in front of a buyer. This is the buy box. It’s the listing deemed “best” and “relevant” determined by the marketplace’s algorithm when a customer performs a query and selects a particular product.

On leading marketplaces, 90% of purchases made start by a click of the buy box. That’s how important this placement is.

Table Stakes to Winning the Buy Box

Newegg Buy Box

Now that we understand what the buy box is and how important it is. What elements influence winning the buy box and how does a seller win it?

  1. Items must be eligible to sell on Newegg Marketplace. At any point an item violates the content policy, they’ll be dinged for winning the buy box.
  2. Enhance your listing’s content – In each stage, sellers can better inform what value their products bring to the consumer. Generally speaking, Newegg customers are consumers of content. From blogs highlighting a product to product reviews or unboxing videos, Newegg customers view content as a requirement before making a purchase, especially when it comes to tech goods. Utilize A+ content to enhance your listings – A+ Content is a great tool for sellers who need help dressing up their content. Touch point imagery that highlights different benefits of the product coupled with in-depth video reviews and content give customers the engaging experience they’re looking for while being informed. Because creating content is so crucial for our customers you can learn more about our digital marketing services here.
  3. Price your items competitively – After publishing your listing, check out the offers made by other sellers. You’ll also want to check how your product price fares against the competition on other marketplaces. Your pricing is key component influencing the buy box algorithm.
  4. Offer fast or free shipping or both  – Fast or free shipping or both is the new norm. Customers often argue that timely delivery is what can make or break them from being loyal customer.  By not offering either option, customers are more likely to gravitate towards sellers who do. Hence why Newegg has made this a component to winning the buy box. For sellers who need a fulfillment arm, check out how Shipped by Newegg might be the right solution for your logistic needs.
  5. Provide great customer service -Doing all the steps mentioned here would be moot if it’s not supported by top-notch customer service. If customers are paying attention to how you serve them, Newegg is also monitoring these relationships very closely as well.
  6. Watch your stock levels – One of the worst feelings as a customer is when you’re ready to add an item to a cart only to find that it’s out of stock. Immediately this communicates a negative customer experience. Out of stock and negative customer experiences are working against the seller. Not having enough inventory can signal that the seller isn’t ready to be in a prime time location. Allocate enough inventory and pay attention to it.
  7. Watch your seller performance – Regularly login to your Seller Portal account to check for customer inquiries, inventory and pricing status. To win and maintain the buy box position is like being a champion. Other competitors are eyeing that prize and performing regular maintenance on these critical elements is a sure way to remain atop.

Managing each of these elements carefully puts a seller in a great position to win the buy box. Given that others are following these guidelines, it begs the question what happens if I don’t win it? Is my work all for not?

Impact of the Buy Box and Exploring Alternatives

The adage of shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll land on a star rings true here. As you prepare your product listings in hopes of winning the buy box, the work put in boosts your standing as a seller. Beneath the Newegg buy box section is the Best Sellers carousel where your product will most likely show up should you not win the buy box. It’s still a great spot for sellers because of its proximity to the buy box. Customers can quickly compare between different offers.

Best Sellers Carousel on Newegg

The Best Sellers carousel is just one alternative to the buy box, but it’s not necessarily the only premium placement on Newegg. I would argue that having key placements throughout the shopping journey that targets the right customers at the right time is just as critical. Newegg’s Digital Advertising services, specifically Sponsored Product and Headline ads, are designed to do just that. The Sponsored Product Ads service offers sellers the ability to bid for top notch placements when a query for keywords attached to their products are performed. When a customer clicks on that ad placement that product owns the buy box regardless of the other factors. However, sellers should follow the steps mentioned above because conversion rates can still be impacted negatively. Remember, it’s about the delivering a great customer experience. Sellers utilizing the pay-per-click model can collect valuable actionable insights. By monitoring clicks, conversion, and other key metrics sellers can determine what product assortment resonates best with Newegg’s seller base.

Another advertising tool that brands should consider is the Sponsored Headline Ads. These placements give brands a stellar position above the fold when a search query is done. Immediately customers will be served an ad consisting of the brand’s selected flagship models and tagline. Customers can also visit the brand’s store front directly from the banner. Utilizing both Sponsored Product and Headline Ads is a sure fire way of getting your products in front of the right customers and the right time and increasing your chances of winning buy box like placement. Learn more about how Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Headline Ads. The diligent work done to win the buy box organically transfers over to the pay to play advertising offered by Newegg. These services help mitigate consumer choice paralysis and are fine options to consider.

Final Thoughts

Winning the buy box shouldn’t be the end but just a means to driving a solid customer experience rewarded with a purchase. Take the time to ensure your listings are setup properly, engaging, and informative. Take advantage of Newegg’s marketing services if you can’t spruce your listings up or don’t know how. In the event the buy box eludes you, Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Headline Ads are alternative and cost-effective solutions.  Ensure you’re delivering orders seamlessly. Finally, track what customers are saying about you and adjust to their needs.

Stay focused on offering the best shopping experience, history has shown you’ll reap what you sow.

Learn how other retailers on Newegg won the buy box by reading one of our seller case studies.