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Increasing Sales

Improve Customer Conversion with Newegg’s Enhanced Content Services

By A+ Content, Blog, Selling Best Practices

Converting impressions into purchases is the ultimate goal for e-commerce businesses, but achieving those conversions is often easier said than done. Marketing may lead customers to your products, but the world’s most fantastic marketing won’t help finalize that sale without crisp copy, the best branding, and immersive imagery. Do your listings check all those boxes?

Convince Customers that Your Products are Superior

Convincing customers to choose your products over the hundreds of other brands competing for their attention often comes down to a product listing’s content. Whoever has the highest-grade content wins the sale. However, sometimes more content is not always better.

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How to Simplify Global Order Fulfillment for Higher Margins

By Blog, Global Shipping, Selling Best Practices, Shipping, Fulfillment & Logistics

Many e-commerce businesses focus on domestic orders while ignoring lucrative global revenue streams. This is because sellers incorrectly believe global sales are difficult to fulfill. However, as economic challenges constrict the domestic marketplace, businesses must expand their customer bases and seek new revenue channels wherever possible. Worldwide markets provide this potential growth, and our tools simplify international fulfillment.

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New Process for Sellers Helps You Ship on Time to Get Paid Sooner

By Blog, Order Management, Shipping, Fulfillment & Logistics

With consumers feeling the pinch of rising inflation and the burden of higher living costs, it will take more than just low pricing to entice shoppers to spend. Offering flawless customer service with fast order processing is one way to win over customers. Newegg has introduced a new process for seller payouts to encourage timely order processing to ensure customer orders ship on time with accurate, traceable tracking information.

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How to Maximize Exposure with Sponsored Product Ads

By Blog, Sponsored Ads

Retailers face the challenge of capturing potential customers’ attention in an increasingly noisy and distracting virtual landscape. How can businesses cut through the pandemonium and optimize the ROI of their ad spend?

Complex Online Marketplaces Cultivate Savvy Users

Ecommerce competition has never been fiercer. After nearly three decades of expansion and technological advancement, the internet has become a more sophisticated sales environment than back in the early “dot com” days of the 1990s. And consumer savviness has advanced in lockstep with these changes. Now, merchants must grab consumer attention if they want to capture sales in an increasingly congested marketplace. So, how can a business stay ahead of the curve in such a dynamic environment?

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What Are Google APIs? 10 Things to Know

By Blog, Item Creation
Google APIs allow users and businesses to interface effectively on the internet. These critical applications provide interoperability between users and sites and enable seamless integration of dynamic features, which paved the way for modern eCommerce.

1. Before APIs, eCommerce was plagued by many inherent risks

In the last three decades, the internet has revolutionized our lives and, more importantly, how we do business. However, no matter how ubiquitous our online existence, there remains a delicate balance struck between websites and their users, a constant tug of war between providing speed and security. Our data is one of the most valuable resources available to us, and protecting it is of utmost importance for savvy internet users. However, despite the potential risks involved, handing over critical elements of our personal information is vital to utilize the full extent of contemporary website functionality, creating a dilemma for users.

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