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Converting impressions into purchases is the ultimate goal for e-commerce businesses, but achieving those conversions is often easier said than done. Marketing may lead customers to your products, but the world’s most fantastic marketing won’t help finalize that sale without crisp copy, the best branding, and immersive imagery. Do your listings check all those boxes?

Convince Customers that Your Products are Superior

Convincing customers to choose your products over the hundreds of other brands competing for their attention often comes down to a product listing’s content. Whoever has the highest-grade content wins the sale. However, sometimes more content is not always better.

Before A+ Content this Nest Learning Thermostat listing has unappealing blocks of difficult-to-read text.

Understanding What A+ Content Offers Your Customers

A+ content allows sellers to fill their listings with eye-catching visuals and highly customized overviews shown directly on a product listing page. In addition, Newegg offers several content-enhancing services to sellers and vendors desiring to improve the look and depth of their product listings. From professionally written and designed listing information to high-quality photo and video services, Newegg’s A+ content transforms a product listing from ordinary to extraordinary.

After A+ Content the text blocks are gone, replaced with interactive elements allowing customers to discover the product’s design features.

Improved SEO Gets Your Listings to the Correct Customers

Aside from looking more appealing to customers, optimizing product listings with A+ content also earns those listings greater visibility on search engines such as Google or Newegg’s marketplace. This increased reach is achieved through relevant product information and maximizing keyword search terms to ensure your product populates with appropriate search inquiries.

Convert text blocks into easy-to-read graphics to improve customer engagement.

Achieve Higher Conversion Rates and Improved Engagement Metrics

Customers respond positively to enhanced content. A+ content provides buyers a strong interaction with a product that standard content cannot deliver. Such unique content includes 360-degree product views or stunning visual graphics that quickly convey complex product information. As a result, A+ content lets customers make confident, informed buying decisions resulting in fewer returns. Additionally, A+ content generates over 757% more page views than standard content. Plus, with a 176% increase in cart additions, A+ listings provide massive advantages over similar products lacking such optimized content.

Improve Your Listings Through the Seller Portal

Newegg Marketplace sellers can request A+ content for their products through the Seller Portal’s advertising tab. This service is provided free of charge. Sellers can solicit A+ content from Newegg but must provide Newegg’s designers with all assets used to generate that content, such as imagery, videos, and product marketing copy. Our designers then enhance the provided assets and create product information viable for use on and off Newegg’s Marketplace.

Gives Your Sales and SEO a Boost with Optimized Content

Product listings with improved SEO positioning and highly visual content provide additional value for customers. Such value translates to increased sales conversion as buyers feel confident that your listings answer all the questions they may have about a product. Let Newegg improve your listings with A+ content services. Then, when you give customers a pleasing buying experience, the sales will follow.