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Newegg Marketplace offers sellers options for inventory management and shipping services to help optimize business development and spur growth. Picking the best choice for your business is easy once you understand how each service allows your operation to excel.

Shipped by Newegg vs. Newegg Shipping Label Service

Newegg’s Marketplace provides sellers with a plethora of management options for their business within the dynamic marketplace space. One such area where sellers have a choice regarding operations is in shipping and order fulfillment. Whether your business has the experience and infrastructure in place to handle fulfillment, or if you need expert solutions for that facet of commerce, Newegg has you covered. So, what are your shipping needs?

Newegg Shipping Label Service Is for the Experienced Shipper

Designed for businesses with an existing shipping apparatus, the Newegg Shipping Label Service offers sellers competitive postage pricing and the convenience of managing postage fees directly through their seller account. To utilize Newegg Shipping Label Service, sellers must input the weight and dimensions of packages and select the desired carrier and product. Then, all the seller needs to do is print the label, attach it to their package, and arrange for a parcel pick up or drop the package off at a carrier location. This service allows sellers familiar with the ins and outs of shipping to retain control over their operations while also leveraging Newegg’s exceptional buying power to receive discounted postage rates through reliable, top carriers.

Shipped by Newegg Offers Convenience and Saves Storage Space and Time

For businesses with limited access to dedicated shipping and warehouse facilities, or those looking to streamline their operations, Newegg offers the Shipped by Newegg (SBN) service. We provide a full-service fulfillment program from Newegg’s facilities around the country. With this option, sellers can store their inventory on-site at Newegg, and our dedicated team of fulfillment specialists will expertly pick, pack, and ship your Newegg and multichannel orders. This option also includes 24/7 customer service and handling of returns and exchanges, freeing up your business to focus on what is essential – driving sales.

Shipped By Newegg Increase Sales While Saving Costs

Along with reducing operating costs associated with fulfillment and inventory storage, when sellers use SBN services, their product pages display a unique logo encouraging sales as customers feel confident in their purchases fulfilled directly by Newegg. Such customer trust results from Newegg’s two decades of unparalleled customer service. We ship our orders within 24 hours 96.6% of the time, giving you and your customers peace of mind that their purchase will arrive correctly and on time. Shipping orders out quickly is also a key component to maintaining a high Seller Performance rating.

Elite Sellers Receive Additional Discounts on Both Shipping Options

Now that you know the difference between Shipped by Newegg and Newegg Shipping Label Service, it is time to pick one that suits your business needs. Additionally, if you are an Elite Seller, both shipping services receive discounts. Elite Sellers who are part of the Professional membership tier save an extra 5% on both services, while Elite Sellers on the Enterprise tier save 10%! Are you interested in optimizing your shipping operations? Click here to get started with Newegg Shipping Label Service and here to get started with Shipped by Newegg.