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Retailers face the challenge of capturing potential customers’ attention in an increasingly noisy and distracting virtual landscape. How can businesses cut through the pandemonium and optimize the ROI of their ad spend?

Complex Online Marketplaces Cultivate Savvy Users

Ecommerce competition has never been fiercer. After nearly three decades of expansion and technological advancement, the internet has become a more sophisticated sales environment than back in the early “dot com” days of the 1990s. And consumer savviness has advanced in lockstep with these changes. Now, merchants must grab consumer attention if they want to capture sales in an increasingly congested marketplace. So, how can a business stay ahead of the curve in such a dynamic environment?

Sponsored Ads Drive Sales Through Targeted Placement

One option available to sellers and vendors on Newegg Marketplace is incorporating Sponsored Ads into their sales strategy. With millions of shoppers on Newegg actively searching for their favorite tech, sellers can now maximize their conversion chances with valuable marketing tools and drive-up cart additions and impressions. Sponsored Ads push content to the forefront of a buyer’s awareness through strategic placement on Newegg’s platforms.

Begin your Sponsored Ad campaign through the Seller Portal.

Smart Technology and SEO Optimization Power Sponsored Ads

These unique advertisement opportunities utilize keyword targeting parameters to provide better conversion than more traditional ad campaigns. Whether it is having crisp video of a product automatically playing on customer search results or shifting your product ad to prominent spaces on the Newegg site, Sponsored Ads allow sellers to breakthrough customer indifference and close the sale!

Curated Ad Campaigns with Precision Targeting

To ensure the best ROI, Newegg provides performance tracking for all Sponsored Ad campaigns, allowing sellers to set the metrics of their campaigns including audience targeting. Determined by the Sponsored Ad product chosen, audience selection is based on Keyword Targeting, Product Targeting or Automatic Targeting. Proper application of these tools allow Newegg Marketplace sellers to achieve dramatic increases in sales.

Sponsored Ad metric page found on the Seller Portal.

Three Variations of Audience Targeting Ensures Campaign Success

Keyword Targeting places ads based on preselected keyword or phrase matches chosen by the seller or vendor at the time of campaign creation – providing precision for ad campaigns to match with relevant search terms sought by users. Product Targeting matches users with searches for competing or complementary products, allowing sellers to leverage their competitive pricing or product features to win the sale. Finally, Automatic Targeting is ideal for sellers or vendors who may not have a keyword strategy in place, and instead use “near” and “loose” keyword matching as well as substitution and complement product matching to connect users with an ad campaign.

Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) Maximize Visibility on Newegg Searches

An excellent option for sellers to utilize keyword-targeting search functionality on, Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) are promoted product placements on the Newegg search engine results pages (SERPs). We designed SPAs to help sellers and brands maximize their product visibility and run an efficient advertising campaign. As a result, SPA results appear elevated on the search results page, ensuring that more customers see these products than by organic ranking alone.

SPAs display in the marketplace SERPs.

Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) Allow for Precise Product Targeting

At Newegg, we want to empower sellers with the best tools to position their products, converting those impressions into sales. Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) does just that – allowing sellers to grow their campaigns and advertise products on and off Newegg. Under this new targeting model, sellers for Sponsored Display campaigns can select specific items, categories, or brands where they want their ads to show. This allows sellers to expand their campaign and drive conversions with ads on Newegg and 3rd party websites using Google APIs.

Take Your Campaign Across the Internet with Sponsored Display Ads

Most importantly, SDA campaigns appear not just on Newegg sites but also globally across other platforms, greatly expanding a campaign’s reach. In addition, SDA support a Product Targeting model instead of Keyword targeting like other Sponsored Product options, allowing sellers to optimize the scope of their campaign to capture impressions and drive conversions across the internet.

Sponsored Video Ads (SVA) Animate Your Campaign with Full Video

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is a video worth? Sellers may engage customers’ imaginations with vibrant video displays of their products in action and turn those impressions into sales. Sponsored Video Ads (SVA) use keyword targeting to match a customer’s search query and a seller’s single relevant sponsored product with an auto-playing video on the search results page. Wow buyers with HD video to create a richer buying incentive!

SVAs display vivid videos on SERPs.

Enticing Advertising Provided Through Immersive Video

How this works, SVA uses keyword targeting to fit a customer’s search with the relevant seller ad. In addition, SVAs appear in-grid on the search engine results pages, with the video and product side-by-side. As a result, seller ads will appear for the keywords associated with the campaign. This allows products to stand out from the competition while delivering customers an immersive experience beyond the predictable thumbnail images usually found through search results. Drive increased visibility for high-intent searches to enhance conversion with a low-cost sales model.

Personalized Branding with Sponsored Headline Ads (SHA)

Finally, Sponsored Headline Ads (SHA) can push a brand’s logo and products to the top of SERPs, giving the ad campaign prime real estate on all of Newegg’s platforms. SHAs also include a tagline, space for up to three products, and a link to either a seller store or a product assortment search string. This ad type provides substantial branding opportunities right at the top of the page. This option is beneficial for sellers or vendors with established brands looking to capitalize on that awareness.

SHAs display brand logos, taglines, and products on SERPs.

Sponsored Ads Provide the Extra Push Needed for Conversion

Whatever a business’s needs, there is a Sponsored Ad product capable of giving buyers additional incentive to turn searches into sales. Log in to the Seller Portal to begin a campaign today and enjoy robust sales tomorrow!