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Many e-commerce businesses focus on domestic orders while ignoring lucrative global revenue streams. This is because sellers incorrectly believe global sales are difficult to fulfill. However, as economic challenges constrict the domestic marketplace, businesses must expand their customer bases and seek new revenue channels wherever possible. Worldwide markets provide this potential growth, and our tools simplify international fulfillment.

Choose Which Items You Offer for Global Shipping to Reduce Costs

International freight’s higher shipping fees hurt e-commerce businesses and their customers by increasing the total costs of items. In addition, these rates increase dramatically based on the size and weight of parcels, with larger and heavier packages costing more to reach their destination. Therefore, businesses should plan on what items in their inventory make the most sense to offer globally to reduce this cost obstacle. Due to the lowered shipping costs, small, lightweight items often make the most sense to offer globally.

Consider Parcel Consolidation for Batch Shipping

Oversized or heavy objects may not be profitable to ship across borders, but the cost to ship small parcels may also quickly become prohibitive for customers without a parcel consolidator. Parcel consolidators are services that facilitate global shipping. Instead of sending individual small packages to a destination country, a parcel consolidator batches those boxes into one large pallet. This method helps reduce delays and taxes incurred through global shipping, making this option more desirable for international customers.

Prioritize Fulfilment for Cross Border Orders

Understanding that global shipping takes longer than domestic orders should inform how businesses handle the non-domestic order fulfillment. While Newegg policy requires domestic and global orders to ship within 72 hours, prioritizing the completion of international orders as quickly as possible will help mitigate the extended transit times for those orders. For sellers who struggle with timely fulfillment, an option such as Newegg’s International Shipping Program offers solutions.

Save Time with Newegg International Shipping Program (NISP)

You may use the Newegg International Shipping Program to streamline your global orders. You only need to ship the global order to an assigned Newegg warehouse facility using your standard domestic shipping method. Once Newegg’s team receives the package, the international order is processed, including customs forms, international shipping, and import fees are all carefully handled. Additionally, international tracking information will be available for the order. Global customers can track their order status via their account and Newegg’s Global app order status.

Provide Traceable Tracking on Every Order

For sellers who aren’t using Newegg fulfillment, there are two shipping options available to global buyers through World EggSaver – Standard (estimated delivery 3-5 business days) and Express (estimated delivery 2-3 business days). It is crucial to prepare and ship orders promptly to maintain customer expectations, especially when customers choose express delivery options. Lastly, provide traceable tracking for all parcels per Newegg’s shipping policy to ensure timely payment and customer satisfaction.

Be Aware of Variations in the Global Return Policy

Returns and RMAs are a reality of e-commerce. For international orders, sellers should familiarize themselves with the additional rights afforded to customers across the globe. Each destination country has its own laws and rights granted to consumers and Newegg has compiled a policy information page that sellers can reference. Understanding these laws will make processing RMAs easier for both buyer and seller.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When Selling Globally

Utilizing the tools Newegg makes available for sellers removes uncertainty from international order processing. Newegg encourages Marketplace sellers to use those tools to expand their offerings to include global customers. Global markets increase vital revenue for sellers willing to adapt their shipping methods to service this lucrative sales stream.