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Newegg 2019 Recap

Online Marketplaces in 2019: Consumer Electronics, Global, and E-Commerce Takeaways

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2019 was a big year for e-commerce; Millennials did 60% of their shopping online (with 36% of purchases coming from mobile devices), New York enacted online sales tax collection laws, the US/China trade war kicked into high gear, and companies with customers in California had to scramble to become CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)-compliant before the law kicked into effect January 1, 2020. This article will dive into the trends in e-commerce and online marketplaces from 2019 in the consumer electronics/IT space, and global e-commerce trends from Newegg and e-commerce as a whole.  Read More

Newegg Floship US China Trade War

A Seller’s Guide to the US-China Trade War

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Trade with China plays a vital role in the health of the e-commerce industry. Whether many sellers realize it, their online business – and commerce at large – has been impacted by the trade war and its shock dealt to the global economy. This first blog in our series was created to better understand this relationship, discuss the latest developments of the ongoing US-China trade war, look back at how we got here, and provide trustworthy insights into how online merchants and brands can mitigate their risk for the future.

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Newegg and Shipstation Improving Your Returns Process

Why a Good Returns Process Matters

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Returns are a costly and time-consuming part of a successful e-commerce business. And while no one — buyer or seller — wants to deal with them, an effective policy and returns process strategy can strengthen the bond between you and your customers, thus creating repeat business and loyalists. In this blog, Newegg partners with ShipStation to uncover valuable insights and surprises into just what consumers think about returns. Read More

2019 Online marketplaces and e-commerce in the Consumer Electronics space changed drastically in 2019. Read this infographic to see what happened.

[Infographic] 2019 Consumer Electronics E-Commerce & Marketplace Trends

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With 2019 in the books, it’s time to take a look back at how the Consumer Electronics and marketplace industries fared in the e-commerce landscape. There were many changes, from evolving customer shopping trends and online sales tax laws to the US-China trade war. This infographic breaks down the growth of e-commerce, the continued expansion of the marketplace model in e-commerce, industry performance of key Consumer Electronics categories, and notes about global e-commerce growth markets.


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Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Make-or-Break Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2019

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There are few things more important to e-commerce sellers than ensuring their products arrive on time during the holiday season. This quick blog outlines some of the most important U.S. holiday shipping deadlines for sellers using Newegg fulfillment services as well as sellers utilizing USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Read up and memorize these dates by heart, because they may be the most critical 2019 dates to your business!  Read More

Best-Kept Secrets for the Peak Holiday Season

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Looking for some guidance as you prepare for the peak holiday season?

Here’s a tip: Think beyond Black Friday.

With the explosive potential of each day from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, Black Friday is far from the only shopping holiday online sellers should prepare for.

This was one of several key takeaways from our recent webinar: Discover E-Commerce’s Best-Kept Secrets for Q4. The popular event combined knowledge from e-commerce and logistics experts at Newegg, ShipStation, and ChannelAdvisor to surface the best strategies for holiday selling in 2019.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights.

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