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Recap: Newegg Seller Day – London, UK

By August 28, 2017Events

Newegg Seller Day 2017 Recap

Cross-border e-commerce presents a large opportunity for sellers, but the task brings a set of complexities and unknowns that can easily hinder a them. Newegg hosted its 2nd annual seller day that not only brought greater awareness to the opportunities of cross-border trade, but addressed pivotal pain points one encounters. Sellers in attendance eagerly listened to various presentations and panel discussions aimed at sharing experiences and best practices that made scaling one’s business more seamless. One of the key takeaways sellers came away with was how businesses can practically target the right markets, implement the solutions they need, and how to evaluate success. As Newegg Seller Day concluded, further discussions about cross-border carried on into the evening’s networking event.

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