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Newegg’s Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) provide sellers with vital tools to expand the reach of their products through targeted ad campaigns that appear across Newegg’s network of sites. But how do Marketplace sellers capture conversions outside of Newegg?

Super-Charge ROI Across Google Shopping & Affiliates

While SPA campaigns can deliver massive ROI for sellers, these campaign options are limited to the Newegg domain of websites. As a result, they cannot convert inquiries or searches performed outside of Newegg. However, a new sponsored product type called Automatic Offsite Sponsored Ads opens opportunities for sellers to place targeted ads that appear off Newegg, populating on Newegg’s affiliate sites and Google Shopping. This ad type allows sellers to capture conversions from customers who aren’t typically shopping on Newegg.

Gain Confidence Over Your Ad Spend

This dynamic new ad campaign allows sellers to opt-in to SPA campaigns placed off Newegg. Offsite Sponsored Ads also operate without the pay-per-click model typical of Newegg’s other SPA products. Instead, Automatic Offsite Sponsored Ads charge sellers a percentage of the final sale.

Reduce Upfront Risk

Under the traditional pay-per-click model, a seller pays a fee each time a buyer clicks on an ad – regardless of if that inquiry converts to a sale. The disadvantage of this campaign model is that the seller assumes all the risk, paying upfront with no guarantee of results or a return on investment.

Expansive Reach for a Nominal Advertising Fee

For Automatic Offsite Ads, sellers are charged a 12% advertising fee upon conversion. This revised campaign model removes the risk for sellers by eliminating the upfront advertising fee. Once a seller activates this ad type, Newegg’s system automatically creates advertisements on external channels like Google Shopping and affiliate websites like Rakuten. In addition, Newegg automatically selects items with the highest potential for conversion for inclusion in Automatic Offsite Ads.

Offsite Ads Show Up Across the Web 

Newegg has a thriving affiliate network to showcase offsite ads along with utilizing the broad reach of Google Shopping. These versatile channels significantly boost impressions and increase the chances of conversion as they introduce the ad to more potential customers. Offsite adds create an opportunity for sellers to capture sales from customers unfamiliar with Newegg. Take advantage of these prospects by ensuring that order fulfillment is smooth to encourage repeat business.

Newegg Automates Product Selection to Maximize ROI

When a seller chooses to enroll in Automatic Offsite Sponsored Ads, there is no need for the seller to determine which items to include in the ad campaign. Instead, Newegg’s system will select products from the seller’s inventory with the highest potential for conversion and automatically have those items in the campaign. Newegg’s optimized logic ensures that only the most viable products are included in campaigns to maximize the probability of sales conversion.

Grow Your Business Presence with Sponsored Offsite Ads

Automatic Offsite Sponsored Ads give sellers an enormous boost to their business presence on the internet by expanding consumer awareness of the seller’s Marketplace brand. Also, through targeting searches, this ad type funnels conversions to a seller that otherwise would be impossible to achieve through traditional sponsored ads.

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