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Increasing Sales

Improve Customer Conversion with Newegg’s Enhanced Content Services

By A+ Content, Blog, Selling Best Practices

Converting impressions into purchases is the ultimate goal for e-commerce businesses, but achieving those conversions is often easier said than done. Marketing may lead customers to your products, but the world’s most fantastic marketing won’t help finalize that sale without crisp copy, the best branding, and immersive imagery. Do your listings check all those boxes?

Convince Customers that Your Products are Superior

Convincing customers to choose your products over the hundreds of other brands competing for their attention often comes down to a product listing’s content. Whoever has the highest-grade content wins the sale. However, sometimes more content is not always better.

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How to Simplify Global Order Fulfillment for Higher Margins

By Blog, Global Shipping, Selling Best Practices, Shipping, Fulfillment & Logistics

Many e-commerce businesses focus on domestic orders while ignoring lucrative global revenue streams. This is because sellers incorrectly believe global sales are difficult to fulfill. However, as economic challenges constrict the domestic marketplace, businesses must expand their customer bases and seek new revenue channels wherever possible. Worldwide markets provide this potential growth, and our tools simplify international fulfillment.

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Five Ways to Reduce Merchandise Returns

By Blog, Returns & Refund Processing

Did you know that about 30% of all products ordered online are returned? According to the website Invesp, that’s about three times the rate of brick-and-mortar stores. For buyers, merchandise returns can mean disappointment and frustration. For sellers, there can be costs from shipping, handling, and restocking. Plus, you may not be able to sell the returned product at full price, if you can sell it all.

Sellers with a great return policy won’t get as many negative reviews, but the best policy for your business is to reduce merchandise returns in the first place. Newegg offers a 30-day hassle-free return on products sold and shipped by us, but your goal is for customers to keep (and rave about) what they buy from you. So, how do you reduce merchandise returns in the first place? Here are five ways.

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Six Catalog Management Best Practices to Maximize Product Visibility

By Blog,,,, Selling Best Practices

Newegg puts products into categories and subcategories so that it’s easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for. In turn, each category and subcategory contains a catalog, or organized list, of individual products. As a Newegg seller, you want your product listings to shine. You also want to price your products fairly and avoid any violations that could result in a loss of marketplace privileges.

By following some best practices, you can optimize your catalog pages and avoid potential pitfalls.

  1. Work in batches for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Group variants together so buyers can find and compare.
  3. Add quality images and videos for product listings that pop.
  4. Don’t add external hyperlinks or maintain multiple seller accounts.
  5. Implement safeguards to avoid listing the wrong price.
  6. Stick to fair pricing and avoid any excessive amounts.

Keep reading to learn more – and make the most of the world’s leading tech marketplace.

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New Process for Sellers Helps You Ship on Time to Get Paid Sooner

By Blog, Order Management, Shipping, Fulfillment & Logistics

With consumers feeling the pinch of rising inflation and the burden of higher living costs, it will take more than just low pricing to entice shoppers to spend. Offering flawless customer service with fast order processing is one way to win over customers. Newegg has introduced a new process for seller payouts to encourage timely order processing to ensure customer orders ship on time with accurate, traceable tracking information.

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How to Choose the Right Order Management System for Your Electronics Ecommerce Business

By Blog, Fulfillment

Want to know the secret weapon to maximize your business growth?

It’s the right order management system.

The global e-commerce market for consumer electronics is growing rapidly as consumers shift their shopping habits online. This shift is being driven by a range of factors, with one significant influence being the pandemic, which meant many more consumers started to shop online. Another is the rise in augmented reality (AR) technology which gives consumers the ability to ‘see’ products before purchasing them.

In 2020, the consumer electronics e-commerce market stood at $23 billion. By 2021, this increased significantly to $343.34 billion. By 2025—the market is expected to be worth $511.06 billion.

Now is a great time to have an electronics e-commerce business—but to effectively tap into this growing market, it’s essential to have the right systems and software in place. In this article, we’ll explore how transitioning to a new approach can help supercharge your e-commerce electronics store to help you grow your business as efficiently as possible.

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How to Maximize Exposure with Sponsored Product Ads

By Blog, Sponsored Ads

Retailers face the challenge of capturing potential customers’ attention in an increasingly noisy and distracting virtual landscape. How can businesses cut through the pandemonium and optimize the ROI of their ad spend?

Complex Online Marketplaces Cultivate Savvy Users

Ecommerce competition has never been fiercer. After nearly three decades of expansion and technological advancement, the internet has become a more sophisticated sales environment than back in the early “dot com” days of the 1990s. And consumer savviness has advanced in lockstep with these changes. Now, merchants must grab consumer attention if they want to capture sales in an increasingly congested marketplace. So, how can a business stay ahead of the curve in such a dynamic environment?

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9 Ways to Maximize Sales on Newegg Marketplace

By Blog

Multi-channel selling lets you expand your reach beyond e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Target. Whether you’ve been with Newegg Marketplace for a while or are just getting started, there are some things you need to know in order to maximize your sales with us.

What’s covered in this article?

This guide covers nine easy-to-implement strategies.

  1. Know the audience and what early adopters want
  2. List more relevant SKUs to sell more products
  3. Write more effective product descriptions
  4. Let Newegg help you price your products competitively
  5. Win the battle for the Buy Box
  6. Optimize your seller rating
  7. Leverage Newegg’s fulfillment program
  8. Maximize your visibility within Newegg
  9. Maximize your visibility beyond Newegg

Keep reading to learn more – and get ready to profit from your newfound knowledge.

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How to Drive More Business with Channel Diversification

By Blog, Guest Author,,,

Amazon commanded nearly 60% of U.S. online retail purchases in 2021. So, why would you want to sell your company’s products anywhere else?

Channel diversification is a good idea for a myriad of reasons. Today, over 50% of online stores have started using multiple channels to optimize their sales. They’re expanding their reach, but they’re also mitigating the risks and controlling the costs that come with Amazon overdependence. Through channel diversification, you can drive more business at a time when e-commerce sales have grown over 50% since 2019.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know.

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